Flédéric Payet

Programme de fatigue inversée 
et de santé retrouvée

Osez vous revitaliser

              Following my research in combination with the training of quite a few people suffering from diverse pathologies such as fibromyalgia,               I witnessed the efficiency of my methods as my clients’ health improved significantly through physical stimulation and a very                               specific life hygiene. Deficient body/hormonal functions started reviving which allowed me to find out how to reboot the endocrine                     system. The end result: an optimum body function against serious hormonal disorders and other pathologies.

               I had clients come to me after their functional capacities had been reduced due to infarct. My methods led them to recovery. They felt                so much better. 

             Other clients suffering from fibromyalgia were able to cut their medication by half the first months, in consultation with their GP, to                      eventually fully recover. No more disabling pain. They were able to get back to a normal and active life again after spending helpless                  years laying down all day on their couch.

             All above successes constitute a major step forward in well-being.