Flédéric Payet

Programme de fatigue inversée 
et de santé retrouvée

Osez vous revitaliser

                My methods rehabilitate, reset and reinvigorate the body. They                                                   also restore a sustainable balance of any body metabolism. How? Well, below are                 some basics as we get started:

               - Nutritional re-education and setting up of the best habits.

               - Healthy and rich diet without starving to prevent body deficiencies and to avoid                    storing bad fat.

               - Physical trainings to relaunch the body, preferably at the Gym, which also helps                    absorb nutrients better instead of just eliminating them without benefitting                            from their good effects.

               - Full medical check-up before and after I take charge of your case. Why?                                  First,  to target possible health issues. Second to assess improvements and                          progress.

               - Full skeleton check-up at the Osteopath’s/Chiropractor's to improve body                                movements, to optimize performances and to relieve painful areas.