Flédéric Payet

Programme de fatigue inversée 
et de santé retrouvée

Osez vous revitaliser

       Discover a world where strength and health are to be shared without            counting. Significant short/long-term results guaranteed. 

               The purpose of this Web site is to make you discover the enormous benefits of physical conditioning and food

               balance while living in a more and more stressful and time consuming world, overmedicating.

               Way too many people neglect their health and don’t even realize how much they’re pushing themselves too far. However, one thing is                  certain: the consequences will always arise. So let’s not wait for our health and weight to decline before acting.

               If you’re already down and overwhelmed, it is not too late. On the contrary, there are solutions.

               Indeed, more and more people suffer from headaches, obesity, sleep issues, food disorders, diabetes, fibromyalgia, bloating, water                      retention, immune deficiency, depression, and many other physical and psychical pathologies … an endless list of health issues                            leading to mental and physical exhaustion.

               I discovered how to avoid and how to treat many physical ailments through a healthy lifestyle, including daily sport and a well-                              balanced diet in harmony with very tough schedules.  Some Golden rules are too little known or simply misunderstood partly because                Society imposes universal stereotypes on us which does not reflect the reality of our private life. Therefore, I now wish to banish                          unsound misunderstandings, prejudices, and fears because there are solutions for each individual.

               I searched, I tried and I found.  My challenge: to prove that no case is desperate.

               I earnestly want everyone to gain access to wellness...my upmost priority for life!


                                                              Do not hesitate to contact me. I can meet you at home or at the Gym!